Concrete Countertops - Beauty With Tough Character

The offer of concrete countertops in the market is considered to be quite new, but at the same time very high-demanded. The innovative way of concrete countertops production means that they are quite light and may be manufactured in variety of colors.
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Concrete countertops – what are they?
As professionals say, concrete countertop mix includes new blends of concrete that is good for work in home. Additional compounds help them become thinner, and, thus, concrete countertops weight is lighter. But at the same time they preserve all the characteristics necessary for quality concrete countertops: strength and durability.
Concrete is considered as a custom material. As a rule, concrete countertop mix is poured directly in the kitchen room (or in the bathroom) and framed. But lots of them are made also off the site.
One more thing we would like to mention is personalization of concrete countertops. When using different techniques of staining and stamping, lots of homeowners prefer to personalize their concrete countertop in kitchen or bathroom with some personal touch.
Strong points
·         Strength. This is the first reason why concrete countertops should be chosen for the kitchen.
·         Durability
·         Hardness
·         Not easily chipped
·         Possibility to get custom-formed countertop
·         Availability of forms, pigmentations and colors
·         Personalization can be performed in lots of ways
·         Customizing countertops with embedding shells, tiles, different stones or colored glass pieces
·         Possibility to be textured
Concrete countertops are very popular at the moment, and, though we are not sure how long it will last, we approve their functionality and practical effectiveness.
Weak points
·         Price. They are not as cheap as one can think. Price ratio is like granite or quartz, and that is the reason why many people prefer DIY concrete countertops, as far as custom-formed may not be the choice for everyone. If speak with numbers, a square foot of the concrete countertop already installed costs from $70 to $140.
·         Sealing. Concrete countertops should be sealed on the regular basis – for the purpose to make it easier to be cleaned.
This type of countertops wins many positions, but anyway, it needs care: not to spill coffee or juice, not put too much weight on it.

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Why to choose concrete countertops?
If you don’t care about trends and you like the look, then it’s better to use this material for countertops in bathroom or in kitchen. If you want something individual, creative and unique, concrete is the ideal material to work with and make wonderful crafts. It will be just how you want concrete countertop to be. It will be just what you want to see in the kitchen and what to work on. DIY concrete countertops differ much from those that are factory-made. They are made just for the owners; allow customizing of shape, color, size, and etc. They look natural and organic, and have a pleasant texture.  
Frequently asked questions about concrete countertops
·         Why concrete countertops?

Uniqueness, hand-craft and personalizing. Concrete countertops allow you customize all the parameters, like size and color, shape and finish, details and etc. The look of countertops of concrete is natural, and doesn’t resemble artificial appearances.

·         Will cracks appear on the surface?

Well, to be honest, cracks do appear, there are probably just minor cracks, but by nature they refer to be nonstructural and a result of concrete contraction (shrinkage). Those makers who produce concrete countertops usually try to prevent crack appearing with concrete strengthening, applying rebar, wire mesh or fiber reinforcement. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what kind of reinforcement was used, some hairline cracks still occur, they just show the countertop character.

  • What is the price?

In fact, concrete countertops are almost of the same price as, for instance, granite countertops are. If you want to save some money, there is a possibility for you to have a countertop made of recycled materials, and thus, you won’t need to pay for some additional custom features. Also remember, that concrete countertops offer you a long-term value. You won’t have to replace them soon, as their characteristics of inherent durability and design are timeless.

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·         What about outdoors?

Concrete countertops are resistant to any weather, and that is why this material is the most used for outdoor. If a concrete countertop is sealed properly, it can withstand freezing even better than granite countertops. On top of that, the absence of grout lines makes concrete countertops easy to clean.

·         I want to make my countertop personalized

No other material can offer such option as creating color and finish as the concrete can. Moreover, some countertops use pigments to match some color. As for finishes, they can be from rustic to smooth. And this is not all.
There are different ways to make concrete countertops personalized: addition of built-in; applying one-of-a-kind edge details; adding personal relics like shells, coins and etc.; giving it an individual shape.

·         Anti-stain, anti-scratch protection needed?

it’s not a secret that concrete is quite porous material, that is why concrete countertops makers recommend to use finishing wax or a sealer in order to protect surface, prevent absorption of water and appearance of stains.
One more variant of scratches occurrence is when cutting is performed directly on the surface. That is why using the cutting board is preferable. Even if the scratches appear, they are easy to be repaired, as they are not in the countertop itself, but in the sealer.

·         Glass-fiber-reinforced countertops – what are the cons?

Countertop makers sometimes use GFRC for producing countertops. If you want your countertop to have less weight, then GFRC is just the option for you. On top of that, comparing to standard concrete, GFRC is stronger; thus, the countertops can be thinner and have the weight up to 75% less.

·         What about cleaning and maintenance?

Depending on the quality of sealing, concrete countertops are easy to clean, just like laminated ones. The rules that should be stick to: using pH-neutral cleaner, avoid cleaners that can destroy sealer (abrasive cleaners or aggressive scrub pads).
In case the countertop got stains, it is very easy to remove them with the materials and right methods.

·         Concrete countertops durability?

For sure, it is going to serve you for years. And we mean both aesthetic and functional way. And we doubt that you will need to replace them.